Cara & Craig Edwards: Wedding Albright Hussy Shrewsbury

You were AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough, you made our wedding reception complete! I have just asked Ronnie what was the best part of the wedding?! His reply was "Mummy it was the singers with their drums and guitars".  We had so many comments on how fantastic you were!! Thank you again!! 

Mr and Mrs Edwards xx


Yvonne Alcock (Bride's Mother)

You were brilliant, you helped the day to be memorable, (my husband Col wanted to pay you more money to carry on, but I had to explain that you couldn't because of the license).  So a great big thank you for giving us a great night for all to enjoy.  Even Cara's Pops who's 90 was still giving it large at the end of the night. xxx 


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SB News / Gig Diary

04 SEP 2018

We here at Sonic Boom are constantly improving our equipment to make what we do even better , we have purchased a brand new banner and some new lights to enhance our live shows.

14 AUG 2018
Our New Official Promo Video is now Live!!

We recorded our brand new Sonic Boom Official video back in February and we have just finished adding the audio and editing it.

23 JUL 2018
Sonic Boom to perform with Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills!

Sonic boom are delighted to announce that we are going to be sharing the stage with Radio one Celebrity DJ Scott Mills at a private show next saturday night (28/07/18) in Shropshire.

02 JUL 2018
New Sonic Boom Business Cards have Arrived!

We have had new business cards designed by our very own drummer Kevin Bartlett! These new cards have all our contact details on, are UV spot printed, have all our social media links on and our very own fantastic website.

03 JUN 2018
Sonic Boom Booked up for New Years Eve 2018 & 2019!

We arew delighted to announce that we have been booked for New Years Eve 2018 & 2019.


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